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What You Need to Know

We understand that users can have a lot of questions about getting the most out of their experience. That’s why we’ve provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Check them out below.


Do I need to become a member of ISET to participate in meetings?

The ISET board and community does not require membership to participate in meetings.  If you decide to register for the meeting, YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER! 


When and Where does ISET have functions?

ISET typically has events once a year in the fall.  We have had On-line meetings in the past and would consider doing them in the future.  The locations of these events can vary but we usually keep it close to the city of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  


Does ISET have Vendors at their meetings?

Yes, vendor registration is available by clicking on the register button as well. Power sources and tables will be provided


Does ISET register for CEUs?

Yes, ISET registers for continuing education credits for every in person and On-line meeting.  We usually offer 6 or 7 credits for a single daily session of lectures.  Make sure to completely fill out the sign in sheets to receive your credits in full


Will lunch be provided with registration?

Yes. breakfast, lunch and entertainment will be provided with the registration fee.  Parking vouchers will be provided when appropriate

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